What is a LAN Party? Well according to Wikipedia a "LAN Party" is: “.. a temporary gathering of people with computers or compatible game consoles, between which they establish a local area network (LAN), primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer video games”

Why is Lan, Party? the BIG GAME is well known for its inviting and friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcomed and competition and tournaments are kept light hearted and fun. With music and lighting filling the gaming hall from our event DJ it's sure to get you in the right mood for a fantastic weekend of gaming with the rich diversity of tournament and non tournament games. What ever you play, you are sure to be able to find others playing the same thing, whether in the latest FPS or something a little more classic!

Who is LAN Party? Find out more about the (evil) geniuses behind the event via the “Meet the crew” pages - from who set it up, to who emails you every few months.

The BIG GAMER tournament is a multi-discipline tournament in which attendees can participate in a event long league, scoring points in organised mini-tournaments. BIG GAMEs and other activities throughout the weekend will culminate in a showdown for the top scoring players in a mystery finale on the BIG screen at the front, with everyone else watching on. The diversity of the tournament means that all round gaming prowess and enthusiasm are rewarded, rather than concentrating on success in one game or genre, allowing for chilled out and fun gaming over the weekend. 

Tournament games include:
3v3 Quake 3 Arena,
5v5 Counter-Strike Global Offensive (replacing COD:MW from previous events),
5v5 DOTA 2 (replacing DOW2 from previous events) 
1v1 Hearthstone
and of course Trackmania! 

While you don't have to take part in every (or any!) mini tournament event, for your best chance of making it to the finale, claiming the title and getting your hands on the prizes we would recommend it! If you need more players for your team, a quick post up on the shoutbox (BIG GAME Intranet) asking for a merc is all thats needed to fill your squad with gaming l33t’ness!

Bringing the right kit with you to a LAN Party is essential. Apart from the basic:
1) Your PC.
2) Your Monitor. (only one please!)
3) Mouse.
4) Mouse Mat.
5) Keyboard.
6) Headphones.
7) Any special power adapters (for laptops, wireless headsets etc).

You should also consider hydration, food and sleeping gear, so you should also bring:
8) Pillow.
9) Sleeping Bag.
10) Air Bed/Bed Roll (no doubles please, they take up far to much room).
11) Eating and Drinking utensils (Fork, Knife, Spoon and cup).
12) Tooth Brush and tooth paste.
13) Deodorant and Wash Kit (We have showers available onsite).

Food, although its tempting to just eat Haribo, pizza, subway and drink cola for 3 days! It probably isn't going to have you feeling your best by come Sunday (or even saturday!) so we recommend a balanced diet including fruit, water (all the boring (but good) stuff! - trust us! You'll feel alot better for it!). We have several huge fridges available for the event for you to store all your warez to keep them chilled! As well as a well stocked tuck shop giving you an easy quick pick-me-up between games!

Medical requirements, if you suffer from any medical conditions and have any special requirements please contact a member of the crew.

at the BIG GAME you can play whatever you like, when ever you like! Whether you fancy joining up with a smaller group of gamers at the event in a game of Payday or left for dead or playing in one or our many BIG GAMEs over the weekend in Team Fortress, Tribes Ascend or Battlefield! Participation in the BIG GAMER tournament is purely voluntary.

At the BIG GAME our talented crew are able to troubleshoot almost any PC related problem, whether that be that you can't find your mates on the network, your sound isn’t working or there is smoke pouring out the top of your PC, the BIG GAME crew are on hand to help and if there isn’t anything we can do to help, we’ll be able to point you in the direction of a local retailer to get some replacement parts to get you back up and gaming as quickly as possible.

the BIG GAME LAN party started back in the days of beige cases and large CRT monitors: the 3DFX Voodoo series was the height of technology (that's about 1997) and "Action Quake" was the go-to order of the day! the event is still run by the very same people that started it all those years ago and runs to the same core values, although the event location and technology have moved on a little since then! ;)

Checkout the galleries on flickr and bask in the sea of grey cases and CRT monitors!

A good question! The quick answer, No. Anyone can come to the BIG GAME!

But any attendee under 16 years of age will have to get a parental consent form signed by their parent(s) and or guardian and must be accompanied by another attendee over the age of 18 who will be responsible for them during the event.

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If you or a member of your party is unable to attend the event, the ticket purchaser may request for the ticket to be re-released for general sale. If the ticket is successfully re-sold then the purchaser will be refunded. The refund amount will be the difference between the original booking price and the purchase price of the remaining tickets in the booking. To request for your tickets to be made available for resale please complete the form. Refunds will only be issued in line with this policy.

If you or a member of your party need to change your booking/nickname for whatever reason, be it because you've recently been vac banned from steam for all those CS:GO hax "Your mate installed on your PC" or that everyone on the Intertubes hates you because of all those ragequits.

Then this is the form for you! Simply follow the link and complete the form and we'll do the rest!

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