Open times: Doors open on Saturday at 10:00 am. Unfortunately, no attendees are allowed entry to the venue before this time due to health and safety concerns (we have a lot of wiring and hardware to secure, so please don't turn up early, you’ll just be sat outside!). The event runs through until Sunday ending at 6:00 pm.


Food and Drink: Whether you plan to eat well and hydrate during the event so you can perform at your best, or just survive by working your way through a bumper-sized bag of fizzy cola bottles, we have some tips for you!

Outside food and non-alcoholic beverages are welcome. Feel free to bring your own snacks, sandwiches, soft drinks and/or bottled water to enjoy throughout the event. There is access to boiling water and a microwave for pot noodles and ready meals.

For alcoholic beverages, we offer a wide selection available for purchase at our on-site bar including draft beers and spirits. Unfortunately due to licensing limitations external alcohol is not permitted.

Hot food cravings? We've got you covered! Hot breakfast/brunch options, tea, and coffee will be available from the canteen on Saturday! The venue is also covered by a range of delivery services and takeaways so you’ll be able to recharge without leaving the venue.

PIZZZAA?!?! The traditional BIG GAME pizza run will take place on Saturday night with the crew delivering hot Domino’s pizza to the venue. Orders and payment will be taken on Saturday afternoon.

For any questions regarding the food and beverage options, please don't hesitate to ask our friendly staff at the bar!

Toilets: The venue has separate male and female toilets and communal showers.

Eating and Chillout Areas: Whether you are looking for somewhere to eat your warez, chill out, play a board game or plan your strategy, the BIG GAME has a place to do it. The on-site bar located on the ground floor has comfortable seating and provides rest bite from the gaming hall. The dining room is next to the canteen is ideal for eating and has a screen so you can keep abreast of the action. We also have access to outside space for those who want some fresh air.

Sleeping Area: At the BIG GAME there is a dedicated sleeping area away from the gaming zone, to allow for a quieter area to catch a few ZZz's (If you want to sleep next to your PC though, you're more than welcome). We do ask that no one brings double airbeds (unless you are a couple or have any special requirements) as they take up too much room for an individual, also please try and keep the area around your bed clean and tidy to avoid trip hazards and or your mobile phone getting stepped on by someone else!


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