Four years holed up in the BIG GAME bunker, with no contact with the outside world since the infection-preventing firewalls were disabled only long enough for the BIG GAME WAN, the Crew have emerged blinking back into the post-apocalyptic landscape to start to rebuild society. 

While they may never truly understand what happened during the hiatus, the surviving Crew were heartbroken to find when they surfaced, Wildern School, the ancestral home of the BIG GAME, had been turned to rubble in the fighting. Where once stood the mighty hall there is now only a crater, the remains of mutant pigeons, and discarded bottles of used hand sanitiser - presumably used to defend against the winged monstrosities.


Searching the abandoned buildings and scorched villages, finding only a single unopened pot noodle in an abandoned refrigerator, it became clear that without a trusty basecamp the BIG GAME might not survive in this brave new world. 

Eventually beginning to accept their fate, saddened that they didn't get to end things on their own terms, a messaging raven appeared to one of the Crew leading them to a beacon of hope. 


Initially barely visible on the horizon, the Crew found a building undamaged by the events of 2020, with ample parking and power infrastructure. They were welcomed inside and shown the staffed kitchen and dedicated bar, and then they saw it: a dedicated fibre-to-the-premise Internet connection. 


putty_thing fell to his knees and a single tear rolled down his bearded cheek: it was then we realised that we were saved. Looking skyward he whispered: “We can't ever return to who or what we were before, but by the grace of gaben we have the chance to come back!”


The beacons are lit and now we need you, our community, to help write the next part of the BIG GAME story. 


If you can spare 2 minutes over the coming days to complete a short survey it will help us evolve our 20+ year event into its next form. It really won't take long and if you complete the survey and provide your email address, you'll get priority access to tickets for the next event.


You can find the survey here

We are really excited, and hope you are too.

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