🎮🚀 Yayzi Supercharges tBG52 with Blazing-Fast Internet!

We're just hours away from the BIG GAME 52, and we’re excited to share a game-changing update! Please warmly welcome our newest partner, Yayzi, providers of stupidly fast broadband!

🌐 Why This Partnership Rocks?

With Yayzi on board we’re powering our event with their full-fibre internet service, to ensure we have a connection that can handle the demands of an event like the BIG GAME. Yayzi has provisioned a connection for tBG52 capable of speeds up to 2.3Gbps - it’s so fast we’ve had to upgrade our infrastructure to support it!

Combined with our bandwidth management services you can be assured that at the event you can play your favourite online games with no lag, and not have to worry about large updates for games as you dust off old virtual copies to play with friends. That’s the power Yayzi are bringing to the arena!

Check out Yayzi’s website to see if you can access their services and enjoy stupidly fast broadband at home.

Keep an eye on our channels for updates as we run our first event in over 4 years and we look forward to seeing you this weekend. 

— the BIG GAME Crew


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